Permalink Structure Changed

The permalink structure of this blog has been changed following advice from Sudar. Originally the permalink structure was /archives/%post_id%. Now I have changed to /%category%/%postname%.

I was quiet apprehensive to change at first, coz, I didn’t want the links to be broken and an ugly 404 – Page not found error to be displayed. There is a plugin from Dean Lee site.

It makes the migration hazzle free. In the PermalinksMigration plugin setttings page set the old permalink structure. In the Permalinks settings page, set the new permalink structure and it is done.

There is one thing I’m still concerned about. On the Codex page, it is instructed to avoid using /%category%/%postname%/, stating performance reasons. But this structure looks more elegant. Can anyone give me more insight into this?


Cows and Bulls game

Cows and Bulls is a small word building game, implemented in C# as a Windows Application. Feel free to download and play around with it. CowsNBulls is in its version and in beta testing.

The game began in the last bench of my college, MIT where we used to play this game. It was Barath Kumar, my friend who introduced this game to us. Thought of computerizing it and so here it is. 

Download the game and do let me know your comments.

Edit: For a web only version of the game, visit:

The web only version is developed using HTML, Javascript and jQuery. For all the developers out there, check out the source using view source.  All suggestions are welcome.

Happy gaming!