About Me

I am Rajeshwaran S P. I am from India and currently reside in United States. This is my blog , where I write about anything that interests me, work I do, life, thoughts.

Feel free to hang around and provide me your feedback.

‘Raasukutty’ is a pen name that I assumed, with due credit to my friend, Mr. Barath Kumar who used to refer me by the name ‘Raasukutty’.


18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Felt like reading the autobiography a great person…May be in line with ‘Sunny days’..’My Country My life…etc

  2. Nice friend…felt really nice reading your writings..I landed in your website when i was googling to find out something interesting about valparai where I am planning to tour. In the end, I read all those things you’ve written…Great..go ahead and keep writing

    1. Thanx for your hard work, sustain the nice perform Fantastic operate, I’m gonna start off a modest Weblog Engine training course operate utilizing your internet site I really hope you take pleasure in running a blog using the common Bltetngine.inEgrneo.Thethoughts you express are truly amazing. Wish you’ll correct some a lot more posts.

  3. dear rajesh,

    nicely written. still your achivement in yoga was not posted. If you post the Yoga photos that may add real value. still we keep one of your yoga demostration photo in our album.

    1. @parithimaal uncle: Thanks for visiting. Its is nice to hear that you still have my photos in your album. Next time when I visit India, I will get a digital copy and upload some in flickr

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