Nostalgic Dress

Yesterday, when I opened up the closet to find a dress to wear to office, I picked the dress that I bought about 8 years ago. This brought back memories from the year, which is what I plan to share here.

It was the end of the third year of my college life. I and all my class mates where in the hostel that summer, in preparation of the campus placements. For the campus interviews, we were required to wear business formals. I and my friends decided to get a pair of new formals to wear for the interview. This was the occasion that I bought this dress. It was a fun outing shopping, not minding the sweltering heat of Chennai’s summer. If I remember the shop right, it was Textile India.

The first company that came to conduct campus interviews was Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS). I wore the formals I bought to the interview, and I got placed. It was my first job. After that I never got a chance to wear the dress in college. The next time I wore it was on the first day of my job at CTS. That’s why this dress bears a special connection to my career, in its own unique way.


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