Raspberry Pi

A couple of months back, I bought a Raspberry Pi. It has been lying around for a while with no real use, except for some show off. My wife created a nice case for it. Last week, I almost lost an important file and that’s when I realized I needed a backup solution in my home. Thought of using the Raspberry Pi for this and was browsing to find some insight into how to do it. There is a nice article on how to setup NAS using Raspberry Pi in HowToGeek website.

After this, I also wanted a Linux box to try and learn a new language (C). Instead of installing a VM on my Windows machine, and since Pi was created for education, decided to put Pi to Learning C use. Since my setup of Pi as NAS was supposed to be low-power, always-on, it had no monitor, keyboard connected to it, I wanted to remotely access the Pi from my windows machine. So I ended up setting SSH on Raspberry Pi.

Good use for a $35 dollar computer


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