Android App – Cows and Bulls Game

When I considering the next thing that I could consider for my side projects other than just fiddling with Python, Android App Development struck a chord. In order to learn this new thing, I wanted to create something that I would like doing, and immediately, Cows and Bulls game came to mind. It is simple, yet a wonderful start to learn a new platform.

Cows and Bulls as a game was introduced to us (College Friends), by Mr. Barath (a.k.a Mr B). A simple four letter word game, where the aim is to find the four letter word. We used to play this during class in the last bench.

Today, I have it released on the Android Play Store, thanks to my wife, who was kind enough to grant me $25.00 to get myself registered as a developer in Android Play. Please do check this out and let me know if any issues and feedback.


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