Customer Service – Whole Foods

Monday, I was in Whole Foods store with my wife doing the usual grocery shopping. At the checkout counter, there was a guy in queue before us who got a wine bottle. There was a problem with the wine bottle. It seemed from the conversation that the bottle was not properly tagged. So the guy manning the check-out called for help from the manager.

The manager came and took the bottle and tried to hunt down for the tag from the rack. She couldn’t find one. So she came back to the check-out and told the customer to just pay the least price of all wine bottles in store, accepting that it was a mistake on their part not to tag an item correctly. The customer was happy that he got a good wine for so less a price.

All this took place for nearly 5 minutes. After the guy left, I was the next person on queue. The manager instructed the guy who did the billing to not bill for the milk I took from the store. That was a pleasant surprise. All I did was wait patiently in the queue. So nice of a move from the Store Manager. The price they get to please two customers, is more business.

I really appreciate the customer service.


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