Rooted Samsung Galaxy S II

Just now rooted my AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II phone using heimdall on my Mac. Instructions: (11:30 PM)

Was not able to copy the file (zImage) of Siyah into the phone’s card using Mac Terminal. Wasted a lot of time on this. Decided to go ahead and copy the file to the phone’s /download folder for following instructions 3d in the above link.

Installing ClockWorkRecoveryMod is completed (12:23 AM)

Tried Ultimatum and SHOStock2. Ultimatum crashes the service. Reverted to backup (05/03/2012 : 12:20 AM)


6 thoughts on “Rooted Samsung Galaxy S II

  1. Hi thankyou for the post about this pc tablet, i couldn’t come to a decision if it was worth buying one as i already have a laptop but you’ve made my mind up, i’ll buy the moment i can thank you again

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