Last week, I watched the tamil movie ‘Mankaatha’ with my college buddies. The film was all about money. The protagonist has even a dialogue “Money, Money, Money, I want the f**ing money”.

Similar to this our life has changed course and started to be more money oriented. In school and college, I was just like any other kid wanting to enjoy life as much as I can. Once I got out and started to work, the first few years I spent all my money on enjoying life, buying clothes, eating out, going out with friends, buying expensive mobile phones etc. But at some point, the simple truth struck. “More money is what you require to enjoy more.” Soon, money was not enough.

The room we stayed in after we got out of college was a single bedroom, where I stayed with four of my friends, the salary then was around INR 12000. This was not enough for me then and at the end of the month, I would have spent all. Same was the case with all my friends. Then it started raising. From 12000 it went to 36000. Even then at the end of the month, it was a close call.

Why is that we cannot get enough? Why do we crave for money? Why is it too addictive than any drug to long for money? I always wanted to least care of money and enjoy life. But now, if someone asks, I would say to enjoy life, you need money. Is it money that is all I require. No. I need people, friends and on top of it money.

Money, money, money… !


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