It has been long since I posted on this blog. Reason: Marriage changes 🙂

I am now happily married to Akila.  Wow! that is perfect. But I have to take the time to thank all people who worked to make it a success.

My parents, Sister and brother in law my father’s friends, Anathu uncle, Kumar uncle, Raghu uncle, Ravi uncle, Subbaiah uncle, Velan uncle and their spouses in the alphabetical order and not in the order of importance. They all made sure that everything was well arranged.

Her parents, her relatives, Sathy uncle, Jayanthy aunty, Bharathi miss this list is too big  and so are her friends and family. All of them contributed to it.

Thank you all for your blessings.

Now it is more than 3 months of married life. I have made the adjustments to have a better work/life balance. I am becoming more and more responsible, so is my wife getting used to taking care of the house and family. Hoping to post more and regularly in the coming days.


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