Thanksgiving in Florida

This thanksgiving was memorable. A road-trip to Florida from Richmond with friends, what else can one ask for. As it was nearing the end of fall and temperatures were steadily dropping, Miami, was warm! Warm in air and spirit!

All credit goes to Nair, Swami and Ravi who planned the trip! 3 days of nightlife and pure fun!

It was a nice getaway from the routine, work, cook, clean, sleep… work, cook, clean, sleep routine. (You can see me cribbing :)) Now that I am back, completely refreshed!

Miami, ‘Feels like being in Goa’, as Nair kept re-iterating all through the trip, with the Spanish lingo, beaches, water, bays, boats, fish and fun. Nice trip guys! With Miami, I have now travelled the entire east coast stretch, excepting Maine.

Next is the cross-country trip! Vegas baby!


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