Visual Studio Themes

I like changing the look and feel of the IDE and the TextEditor that I use everyday. Since I am into .net programming the IDE that I live on is the Visual Studio.

In this post, I share the settings files (read themes) that I use for my Visual Studio 2010 setup.

Dark Rajesh Settings

I have used this settings for more than a year now. This settings is a modification of the DesertNights Theme available widely.


  • Dark Theme
  • Light Contrast to be pleasing on the eyes
  • Uses Monaco Font
VS 2010 Settings
DarkRajesh Settings - VS 2010

Download Settings : DarkRajesh.vssettings

Dark Raasukutty Settings

This settings is a modification of the Son of Obsidian Theme.


  • Dark Theme
  • Uses Monaco Font
Dark Raasukutty
Dark Raasukutty - VS 2010 Settings

Download Settings : DarkRaasukutty.vssettings

More VS settings can be downloaded from website.


4 thoughts on “Visual Studio Themes

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