I missed being at home most this Diwali. Usually, since school time, the biggest festival was Diwali. As kids, during lunch time, we used to discuss what crackers we got, 2 shot, 7 shot, fake atom bombs, fancy and novelties like parachute etc. It would start 2 or three weeks before the actual day. My parents used to take me and my sister for Diwali shopping(new clothes) during the Quarterly exam holidays. Well in advance before the crowd.

Diwali had always been fun time for old and the kids alike. With Diwali, comes bonuses. My mother used to prepare all the snacks at home. I was always excused and allowed to have them even before we prayed; reason: I was just a kid. I used to be the first one to blast off the 50-100-200 walas in the street. It gives me  a sense of fulfillment of  celebrating Diwali. When I grew to be in the teens, we used to go to new releases on Diwali day. Then distribute sweets to friends.

This year I missed all the fun. I roamed the streets to get to some shop that sell the firecrackers, but I could not find one. Maybe next year!


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