Love Marriage

Recently, I read a blog post from my friend Srikanth on Marriages in India. There was a lot more that I could relate to, so here is my view on it.

Marriages – In India, this signifies more than the coming together of two people. It is the coming together of two families and relations. It is an event where people want to showcase their position/status to the relations and friends. It means a lot to the parents of both the sides. Each caste/subcaste has its own custom ways of conducting a marriage. There lies the beauty of marriages too, elaborate preparations, sending out invitations, inviting people, booking of marriage halls, cameras, reception, food etc., and the list goes on!

When it comes to arranged marriages, the process is simple. Everything is arranged. Which also means, everything is taken care of by the parents. This is one last responsibility that every parent wants to handle before considering their children to be mature enough to handle the world! With arranged marriages, everyone is happy, parents, friends, relatives and also the bride and the groom. Happily Ever After!

In case of love marriages, the process is always complex, excepting in a few rare instances. Nothing is arranged. Since marriages are the coming together of two families, it takes a lot of time. Convincing the parents first to agree to it. If the boy and the girl belong to different caste/subcaste (forget different religions here), there comes the problem for convincing the parents to stop worrying about the society. Then comes the part where both the families have to meet. This is the hardest part. Both families have to like each other ūüôā If all these succeed, then comes the actual negotiation and finally marriage. The thing here is, no one in both the parties will want to hold the responsibility. Everyone will like to escape, to get away from the wrath of the society. So it falls on the heads of the bride and the groom, to do all the consoling and getting everyone to agree.

One nice thing about love marriages is (as per my understanding), during this entire process, the boy and the girl get to understand and appreciate each other well. This helps in the long run of their relationship. They tend to talk over each and every step. Each one of them start to like the ability of the other to handle tight situations, supporting each other. Fruitful!

Marriage is the occasion to commemorate the coming together of two people. An event to forget all differences and wish the couple a happy life together! When the life itself is not predictable, why not let people live happily till they are! Let Happiness prevail!


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