Trip Back Home

Here, I am sitting in the Richmond International Airport waiting for my flight back home. Constantly checking the status of the flights, praying that there are no delays/cancellations.

It is really a good feeling here. After 10 months of being independent, landing in home ground on the Independence Day! (Aug 15).

Just packed enough to please all people at home, gifts, toys, music players.. Time to ponder on what happened in the past months here in US.

I began liking US for what it is! Strict Rules, People following Rules, Cleanliness etc. It doesn’t mean that I hate India for these. I like India as it is! After all, it is my home!

Learnt to live alone, cooking, washing, travelling, making friends… Transforming from a Dependent Kid at home to the Independent Man.

Now, awaiting the flight!


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