Logi XML BI Tool

For the current project that I am working on, we were looking for alternatives to the SQL Server Reporting Services. We ended up with a really good BI solution, LogiXML.

LogiXML is a XML based reporting solution available for .net and Java platforms. More information can be found in their website, www.logixml.com

To us, it really simplified the way we used to work on reports. It was something similar to the Sagitec Studio, that we use in our work everyday (Sagitec Studio is for Web Development, developed and used as a product by my current employers), which meant lesser learning curve. The AdHoc Reporting capabilities is what caught our attention. It is neat, the LogiXML team has thought through most of the aspects of Reporting.

All common reporting functions, with an excellent support team. They have always responded quicker. The product is well documented and supported. If I like one reporting tool, it must be LogiXML. Will definitely recommend it to anyone.


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