Social Networking Craze

Social Networking is the catch phrase of the hour. Everyone has one or more online presence. Twitter, Buzz, FriendFeed, Facebook, MySpace, Orkut, IM most of us use one or more of these services. I remember signing up for most or all of the services that I have listed above, when they came into existence.

But now, I just had a thought, are we creating a hype! Overusing social networking? Trying to find acceptance in the online world? Just pondering questions.

Why suddenly this concern? When I look up the magazine, ads, everywhere, now it reads, “We are on twitter, Follow Us!”. It is good thing that twitter helps business owners to reach out to people, market the products and help to connect people. But I really hate it when people use it like an IM. Checking for updates every 5 mins! Following people just for the sake that they follow back. I really felt bad when a person caught in fire in bangalore office was trying to send twitter updates instead of trying to save himself. Media was really showing his twitter updates. Crazy!

I remember my roommates telling me, “Next you will update that you went to take a leak!”. Any new invention or service is good. It is not the service that is bad, it is we the people, who have to ‘Use it wisely!’


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