Now that I have a car, the next thing that comes is maintenance. I am not that person, interested in cars, for me, car gives freedom to move around here in the United States.

For the past two months, I have been spending on the car, getting it to live! First I had the “LOW COOLANT”, that happened to be a leak in the coolant, that had gone bad and damaged the radiator. I had it fixed. Here in this country, labour costs more than the cost of the spare parts. I was astonished to see the bill. Then I had the “CHECK ENGINE” light coming on. Man! Why!

But, I started loving the car now. I clean it every time, I take it for a ride, give it a wash regularly and take care of all those monthly maintenance stuff that I have to. Living alone, the phone and the car are the only two companions that I have. So most part of my weekends are spent either on the phone or on the car. The remaining time, sleep, watch movies and cook!

Life is not that interesting at all times. Maybe I must start spending time before my laptop as I usually did when I was in India. Now it has turned to be just the entertainment center. I also added a new policy, “not doing office work on weekends…” Cool đŸ™‚


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