First Car

I own a car now. A 2000 Chevy Malibu LS. One most important, must-have entity for life in the United States. I didn’t visit the regular KBB or Car Dealers to buy my first car. It was a good feel that I did not have to hunt for cars. Looking at VIN, vehicle history. Probably I will do all these for my next car.

I bought it from my friend, Abhilash Nair. He is a friend since undergrad days. He studied Aeronautical while I was in Instrumentation. But he was always welcomed as a Instrumentation senior by all our juniors in college. A happy going, cool dude, and the only person from Kerala who calls an auto an ‘auto’ instead of ‘otto’ (This is meant just as a joke… Please don’t take this seriously as I believe firmly in democracy…)

The moment I announced that I bought a car, my mom wanted me to perform a ‘Vahana Pooja – a ceremony of bestowing goodness and blessing to the person owning the car and the car’. I was asked to get a coconut and four lemons for the ceremony and I did get it from an Indian Grocery Store. The pooja was performed last sunday.

Now I am ready to drive the car! A way of attaining independence in United States! Here I come!


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