Today is the Pongal Day! A harvest festival celebrated in our state in India. I am here in US, but I did make the sweet pongal, “Sakarai Pongal”. I will be missing the sugarcane and the total annular eclipse happening tomorrow.

Here are some things that I remember from my childhood days.

It began with the Pongal shopping. I used to go with my sister and dad to the Main Bazaar, in my hometown, Neyveli. They would have given the Pongal “bonus” for my dad, and so did every family in Neyveli. So everyone would be busy getting the bonus amount drained. The usually calm town of Neyveli will have small shops on the roads, selling clothes, fancy items and greeting cards.

The greeting cards would not be Archies, but a post card sized, normal graphic depicting a pot of pongal and two sugarcanes. I used to buy and send it to my friends living in Neyveli. It was fun. Nowadays, we send emails. But I somehow feel that, the postcard had a personal touch. This is not me whining, I enjoy it even now.

It was a nice occasion to celebrate. 3 days of holidays. Wow! It meant going to your native places, visiting relation’s home, getting together, gossiping, cinemas.

Happy Pongal!

PS: If someone has the old post card, can you please send me one?


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