Here I Come

United States, Here I come. With lots of dreams, awe, fear, feelings. I am now an amalgamation of various feelings. I am about to get into a country, that had transformed dreams into reality for many, changed lifes completely from riches to rags and rags to riches. People chasing dreams, money and pleasure. A land that I have always wondered about all these years, Here I Come!

Dreams of what is in store… Computers, People, Music and Stuff.
Awe of the single name… United States.
Fear of what is yet to come… How is America going to treat me, A lone traveller in a stranger land.
Feelings of leaving home land, leaving home food, leaving my beloved here for a while..
Questions about life….

America! Here I come!


2 thoughts on “Here I Come

  1. Hey buddy, my dearest n best wishes for ur bright future…. hope America welcomes u with both the arms open :))…gud luck for ur first ever trip to overseas and by air… hey u no whr am cumin around, of course the big party man!! ha ha…

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