Ubuntu Panel Missing!

When I logged into the machine today, I was shocked to see no panel appearing on the ubuntu desktop. I thought the computer has hung. But when I right clicked the desktop, I got the regular pop-up menu and was able to change desktop wallpapers.

Here is what I did to get the panel back. With the desktop without the panel and not remembering any of the shortcuts, it was quiet difficult.

First, I created a launcher for Terminal. Right Click on any area on the desktop and then choose ‘Create Launcher’. Choose any name and then in the command text box, type in


This should create a terminal launcher. That done, double click to open a terminal session. Enter the following command,

killall gnome-panel

Then right click on the desktop to create another launcher. This time in the command text box, type in


This creates a gnome-panel launcher. Double click and viola! you have the Panel.


17 thoughts on “Ubuntu Panel Missing!

  1. Many thanks!!!! Have been searching in vain for method to get my top menu back after losing both top and bottom menus. Ctl-Alt_F2 got me to a terminal but for some reason the googled similar commands to yours wouldn’t work from there. Your system worked beautifully. Only had to add the “shutdown” button to the menu to get back to exactly what my modified menu bar was before (lost the menu bar after deleting the chat/broadcast/ubuntu1 options in 10.0.4 lucid,which seemed to be tied into the shutdown button). Big smiles here!!

  2. Thanks.

    Geez, I found people re-installing, suggestions to edit config files and reboot and other solutions out of whack with the problem!

  3. This post was helpful to me, thanks!

    In my case I don’t actually need to start the panel. After I do “killall gnome-panel”, the panels show up automatically.

  4. I could not get this to work. Nothing happens when I try to create a launcher. I can create folders and files, but not a launcher. I really need my upper and lower menu bar/panel!

  5. I simply added xfce4-panel to my session and startup application autostart apps. just go to XFCE 4 Settings Manager>Session and Startup>open Aplication Autostart tab>click Add>Type xfce4-panel in each of the 3 boxes>click OK, and your panel should come back each time you start xfce. No Terminal Session Required

  6. Thanks much for the advise, tried several other \solutions\ no joy..this one worked for me, ubuntu 10.? lts

  7. Man I also lost my Panel in ubuntu 11.04..it happened when I was installing few application suddenly the software manager stopped to respond and when I restarted usinng Alt+Ctrl+Del….I lost my Panel ……let me try your solution…..hope it will work 4 me 2…….

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