Angels and Demons – The movie

Angels and Demons, starring Tom Hanks. An adaptation from the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It is one of the books I enjoyed reading, a unique blend of art of Rome and fast paced thriller. But on seeing the movie, I was totally disappointed. Here goes my reasoning behind it.

I expected to see Rome and its beauty. Its churches, the art of Bernini, in its regal splendour, if not in the entire movie, atleast some portions of it. I expected to see the cardinals chanting the Carmelengo’s name, it is the highlight of the book. The speech between Langdon and Carmelengo, the speech that Carmelengo gives to Cardinals to justify the war between the church and science, the BBC correspondent and his adventures. I expected an aerial view of Rome, showing the giant cross that marks the Path of Illumination. I expected the final Illuminati symbol, the Illuminati Diamond to be shown.

Lots of expectations, but all these were missing in the movie. So my verdict will be, if you have already read the book, Avoid watching the movie. If not, go and do watch it.


2 thoughts on “Angels and Demons – The movie

  1. So far this year my favourite movie is definitely Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen. I don’t care what the critics say big robots and lots of explosions, what more can you possibly want

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