Fixing libmysql.dll issue in Rails

To fix the error, “This application has failed to start because LIBMYSQL.DLL was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”  while working on rails using mysql as the database, 

Copy the libmysql.dll found in the mysql installation directory (mysql\bin) and paste it in your ruby installation directory (ruby\bin)

Restart the server and viola, the error is fixed.


6 thoughts on “Fixing libmysql.dll issue in Rails

  1. Thanks. I am using MYSQL 5.0.83 on RoR 2.3.2. Had to use this version of MYSQL as the 5.1.35 version kept crashing my Webrick server instance. Then I hit this LIBMYSQL.DLL problem. 🙂

    However your solution worked… didnt even need to restart the Webrick… but I did anyway.


  2. [1] gem install mysql
    [2] you will see like error syntac but dont pay attention to it
    [3] find LIBMYSQL.DLL from your mysql/bin folder in your mysql folder
    not ruby folder.
    [4] copy & paste that file to ruby/bin
    [5] restart your server or console, if you are already run it.

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