3 yrs into IT industry

Today, I complete three years in the professional software industry. I thank all who have lent their helping hand in making the journey possible for a guy with little knowledge in software to what I am now. There are still hundreds of miles to go. This is just a small step.

Three years. Why is this special? With three years experience, you are no longer considered a newbie. People start to have expectations out of you. You are supposed to have atleast some basic understanding of how a professional software project setup is and how it operates. You are given more responsibilities in the projects. You also qualify for most next level positions in all the job search engines like Naukri or Monster.

So what have I learnt or unlearnt in these three years? I should say a lot. They may not be big things, but they surely are something that is really needed.

Things that I have learnt:

  • Debugging a program
  • Searching the internet effectively (Googling up things)
  • Write effective emails.
  • Sell solutions to the clients.
  • Work as a team.
  • C# and the .Net platform. (Yet to start using the features in version 3.5)
  • Technical Writing.
  • The bare minimal HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Talking on conference calls.
  • Using Source control.
  • Unit Testing.

More to learn, more experience to gather, more to everything. Yet again, I am forced to quote, “Miles to go, before I sleep…”. Will be sharing the experiences here on this blog with you, as and when they happen.


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