Borrowing the idea from Sharon‘s post on prophecy of dreams, here’s my take on dreams.

Dreams are a way to vent out your mind, that is what my mom says about dreams. They reflect the deepest desires in your heart. I dream a lot, by lot I mean everyday. All my dreams are centered on the theme “Me, Rajeshwaran”. I always and mostly 99% of the time dream in the first person, i.e., I dream where I do things, not that I see me doing things.

One that I have told all my friends about and to the person involved in this:

“I am in my college’s hangar (MIT has a hangar, where aeroplanes are supposed to stand. We use it for conducting culturals and indoor games, that is a different matter altogether), sitting in the very last bench in one corner. I see her (the heroine), coming a taking a seat next to me. I am in a sober mood. She starts the conversation asking me why I ignore her. She asks me to come closer and sits next to me. (I still remember with precision, the dress color she was wearing, a black shirt with white flower patters and a sky blue jean). One of our college professor, a close aide of her father, sees us there and moves past us. The scene ends there. (Might be, I changed to a different position in sleep, that changed the course of the dream). It again starts, where she and myself are holding hands together, ready to begin a run. We are chased on a bike by the same professor, who saw us chatting. We run across our college roads and reach the Rubber and Plastics Department. There we see a small cottage (There  is no cottage in MIT near RPT dept.), we enter it, actually it a small illicit arrack shop. I search for known faces all over, I see a very close friend of mine coming towards me. He asks me why I had brought her to this place, I tell him that the professor is chasing us. We turn back, at the entrance. we see her father standing. He calls out her name and asks her to come with him. She just hides behind my back and says, “I want to stay with Esh.”

There the dream ends. What to conclude from this dream? But the dream was one that I will remember forever.

Some one month back, I had a dream, where I am standing on a mud path. I have to go some route, I see a lion eating a deer lying on the mud path just ahead of me, turning to the right, I see one more lion roaring and getting out of a small pond on the way. I turn to see another path, where a tiger is just lazying. I decide to take the path, where the lion is eating a deer, my consciousness in the dream, says, since the lion is eating he won’t mind you taking his path. Totally weird dream, could not make a head or tail of it.

Just share your dreams. I invite Sudar, Yuvi, Sukumar and Kaddu to continue on this meme “Dreams”.


3 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Dai u r lucky da.. getting romantic dreams da.. u know.. in south africa.. i have shouted twice like the one i did in TVM da.. one was when giruba was here.. and one was jus 1 week back da mappi……

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