Lucky Bamboos

Now we grow ‘lucky bamboos’ in our office desk. For those who don’t know what a ‘Lucky Bamboo’ is, it is a chinese gift item, similar to the ‘Laughing Buddha’, which is supposed to shower luck on the person to whom it is gifted.

So it was gifted to us, by Saranya. She wanted all of us in the KCPSRS and in the 12th floor of Tidel Park,  to get lucky, lucky to get the work delivered on time, lucky to get more wealth, lucky on all fronts. Ramesh Kumar was instrumental in procuring the items.

Bonsai from Saranya's Desk
Bonsai from Saranya's Desk

Now our Office Space looks greener, much to the dismay and greedy look of the colleagues from the 11th floor (we stay in the 12th floor). Some people even want to steal the lucky bamboos from us by creating a myth, that lucky bamboos provide luck only when it is stolen and placed. We now know where to look for if our lucky ones are stolen.

What has the bamboos done to us? You could see Prem, tendering and nurturing the plants, by pouring water everyday. Suresh has new leaves on his plants, Ramesh’s and mine are still sleeping. May be they grow late, but will be latest (Abba, Mokka Mokka)..

More updates on the lucky bamboos will be coming soon. If you need one, let my plants sprout, definitely, I will give you one sprout. That is a promise.


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