I am Lazy

Procrastination- This is one thing that I and all my friends share in common. We think of doing something, but we will always defer to some other day.

We have been postponing repairing the bike for nearly a month now. Just today we got the tube light fixed after living without a tube light in the bed room for two months. We have postponed getting the washing machine service till the end of next week. All these are not for the want of money or something, just that we are lazy to get them done.

I have a lot of books on my book rack, wanting to be opened and read. Logo for this site lying around in paper yet to be converted to an image in Illustrator. Lot more work to do. But I am lazy. So what!

Sometimes I think, I got to change, but I even postpone that decision to be done later. Height of Laziness.


3 thoughts on “I am Lazy

  1. dai venna… Bike yaruthu da??? enoda bike a????? ella namba cycle a da???? de nan ponathuku apurama oru vellaum pakka matengurengala??? sombaringala????

    1. Yes buddy, it is yours only. I thought of getting it repaired, but insurance has not been paid for 2 years! Gosh 4000/- antha bike ku selavu panni, apurama repair ku vera selavu pananuma?

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