Monday Morning

Monday morning, felt Tom miserable…

So is the case with me. Today is monday and I feel as if the whole world is enjoying while I am grunting. When I left home to office, I was feeling even worse, my roomies, Sri and Sakthi were sleeping comfortably, while I have to rush to office. Working at an office that takes 1 hour to reach is really terrible. Can’t blame it anybody but myself for still putting up at a rented house far away from office. There are pros and cons to this.

On the pros first,

  • you have the freedom to leave office early saying that you have to travel long.
  • you never need to come to office on saturday or sunday for a production support and put that task on the person residing nearer to office.
  • you get a topic to discuss about which is this post.

On the cons,

  • you have to push yourself to start early.
  • there are the evils of public transportation spoiling your mood.
  • missing the early morning sleep… heavens….

Here I am writing on about a spoiled monday morning. Friday… where are you?


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