Installing Rails : Local gem install

After a unsuccessful installation of rails that took nearly 5 hours, I decided to get rid of Ruby. But the geek inside me, wanted me to go for the kill. That started the quest of successfully installing and deploying rails on WAMP server. Here are the steps.


Installation Instructions:

    Install WAMP and Ruby on the machine.
    Extract the Ruby Gems Zip file to any location and open a command prompt window.
    Run setup.rb from the command prompt in the location where the zip was extracted.
    Open command prompt and navigate to the folder where the downloaded gems are located.
    Install Rake using the following command.
gem install rake-x.x.x --local
    Here x.x.x stands for the version number, for example, to install rake-2.3.2.gem run it as ‘gem install rake-2.3.2 –local’.
    Install Active Support, Active Record, Action Pack, Action Mailer and Rails using the command as below
gem install gem-x.x.x --local
    Replacing the gem- to the current gem to be installed.

This will get Rails installed on the machine. The total install time should be close to 10 minutes.


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