Barath Sister's Marriage @ Tanjore

Last weekend, I and my college mates have been to Tanjore to attend, our friend Barath sister’s marriage. He had been to Australia to pursue his MBA degree and had turned up for the event. So we wanted it to be a get together after a long time. I was not able to board the bus on Friday night. So a group of 12 had travelled leaving me out to Tanjore.

During the day, Barath and others had been to the Big Temple @ Tanjore, Sivagangai Park and to movies ‘Siva Manasula Sakthi’ and ‘Vennila Kabadi Kulu’.

Myself, Srikanth and Sakthi took to travel on Saturday. Since it was an auspicious day on Sunday (Muhurtha Naal, when a lot of marriages and ceremonies take place), all buses towards Tanjore and other places were full. We didn’t have our tickets reserved. We waited from 9.30 pm till 11.30 pm without seats. Atlast, when all hopes of getting a decent bus was shattered, we got a AC bus to travel. God Save! Begin the journey.

We reached Tanjore at 6.30 am on Sunday. The marriage function was from 9.00 am to 10.30pm. ‘Long time no see’ wishes, curses for not coming on friday and welcome chats later, we were in the marriage. Lot of people had come to attend the marriage, most of them Barat’s relatives. After the marriage, the lunch was really a feast. Nearly 25 different items served on ‘Banana Leaf’. Great sumptous meal.

Then we relaxed a bit in the afternoon chatting with Barat, pulling each others legs. At 4 pm, we had tiffin. That was when we saw a group of small boys (school kids) playing in a ground nearby. Ratish, our captain wanted a bet match. Considering the fate of those small kids we chose to have a friendly match.

It was great fun, with us getting thrashed by them for runs and our players failing in all parts of the game. It was really like Chennai 28 team getting beaten up by the Beach Boys (Chennai 600028 movie). In the true spirit of the game, actually all our players played using left hand so that the kids could have all the fun.

Then we took to ‘TN07 AL 4777’ movie and then bucked ourself into SETC bus at 10.30 pm. One more trip to be frozen in memory. Really good time spent with friends after a very long time.


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