Dealing with Computer Overheating : Thermal Issues

Here I am about to share, some gyaan I got from when my computer failed due to thermal issues.

Computer Overheating symptoms are when your system shutdown abruptly, after running for quite some time. Modern BIOS are so designed to prompt the user with messages on the next boot, to indicate problems relating to over heating. In my case, BIOS POST message clearly as

‘Previously the system was shutdown due to a thermal breakdown. Please service your unit’

The first step to fix this was to go for cleaning the dust that had accumulated over the heat sink and so the other parts of the computer too. Then, service the CPU by cleaning it and then before placing the heat sink  back, apply a litte thermal grease, so that the contact is made properly between the heat sink and the CPU.

In chennai, we don’t get thermal paste in computer service shops. You need to look into petty shops in Ritchie Street, Mount Road. I bought one from New Version Computers, Meeran Sahib Street. You could get one for Rs. 5/- to Rs. 10/-

Once done, its time to boot. Viola! the system is up and running and I am happily posting about taking care of the my PC.


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