Trip to Valparai

Last saturday and sunday, I and my friends were on a trip to valparai. The trip was actually a treat arranged by Nirmal (my school friend) as he is travelling to Australia in couple of weeks. It was supposed to be seven people by plan who were to take the trip. Last minute sickness and work at office, forced Dinesh and Srikanth to opt out of the trip. We started as per plan at 9 pm from Chennai on Friday night, in a bus from Parveen Travels onward towards Coimbatore. Myself, Sakthi, Nirmal, Sam and Guru.

Nirmal, was the highlight of the trip. We made fun of him all through the trip. He is a great sport that he just smiled everything off. We reached Coimbatore at 8 am on Saturday. From there we hired a cab for the entire trip.

Vaalparai is a not so well known tourist location, located on the western part of Tamil Nadu. Known for its wonderful dams, and hills, its enjoys lovable climate all through the year. Rainfall is the highest in this place. It is not well developed as Nilgiris or Kodaikanal. Hotels and Lodges are few and not so good. But it is worth visiting for its scenic beauty and clean and wonderful weather.

From Coimbatore the route to reach Vaalparai is via Pollachi. Nirmal was insisting on having the famous ‘Pollachi Ilaneer’ (tender coconut). Our boy Sakthi, took to work, cutting the tender coconut for us. When it comes to workmanship, believe me, Sakthi is at his best. We proceeded to take our bath at the Monkey Falls. (Censored…)

From there, at around 3 pm, we reached Vaalparai. We visited, Aaliyar Dam, Balaji Temple, Suicide Point and local spots in Vaalparai. All were tired by then, and so the day ended at Hotel Green Hills. On sunday, we checked out of the hotel and proceeded towards the Sholaiyar Dam enroute to Athirapalli Falls.

Athirapalli Falls, a marvel. One must visit this place in one’s lifetime. It is the same falls from where Kamal Haasan jumps off in ‘Punnagai Mannan’. We spent nearly 3 hours there. Then we started back home from there, touching Trissur, Palakad and Coimbatore.

It was a trip to remember. Thanks to Nirmal.

Edit: Photos of Valparai Trip.


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