A R Rahman – The Genius

Yesterday, I was in those slog moments (when you feel to do nothing).

I just swithced on my PC to hear some songs. Keeping the volume full on my 5.1 speaker set, (not bothering the neighbours of course), I was just lying there on the bed hearing.

The song was ”Malarodu Malar ingu magilnthadum pothu”‘ from the film, Bombay by A.R.Rahman. Simply superb. It can only composed by such a genius like him.

The music, the voice and the lyrics… Soothing, insiring and comforting all at once. I was lost. Next song on the list was “Yenmel Vizhuntha Panithuliye”‘ from ‘May Madham” againg by A.R.Rahman. Stupendous! No words to describe the feel.

What could have been running in A R R’s mind when he was composing the songs. How did he choose on what instrument should be played when (I really could not guess a lot of instruments played over in it) but it was a great arrangement. How comes he chose the right person to render the vocals. Simply A Genius is what I can say.

These two songs changed the mood of the day. I followed it by hearing to ‘En Kaadhale’ and ‘Vennilavin Theril’ from ‘Duet’ .

Geniuses are born! Not made!


One thought on “A R Rahman – The Genius

  1. I too used to hear A.R.R songs whenever i am in slog moments. hearing such a nice songs makes me really happy of course all music lovers.

    I can say this is such great job you are doing…guys interested in doing these activities are not many.keep updating your lovely moments.

    Add one more song to our Oscar winner A.R.R’s everlasting songs

    TAMIZHA TAMIZHA sung by Hariharn from ROJA.the song which makes us to feel what is patriotism.

    With Love,

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