Inner Calling

What is life without an achievement? I had always wanted to live by the saying, “Live life, ‘King Size'”. Work, Earn and Enjoy life. I believe that there should be a good Work-Life balance.

But something inside me maybe the ‘gut feeling’ suggest that, my life has a different purpose. And I feel that I am moving closer towards it. A feeling that cannot be described in words, something like being in love. I am not sure about what to do. Everything that I read, look and hear is beautiful. I have not seen a girl yet and so these can’t be taken to be symptoms of love.

I just do whatever work come my way. Just like ‘Tom Hanks’ in ‘Forrest Gump’, putting efforts in whatever comes at me. I just have a feeling that I need to achieve something. Don’t know what? I have always dreamed about going to ‘Berlin’ (Engineering paradise), ‘Rome’ – to see all the churches. And now that feeling to go to these places is more pronounced.

Let me wait and watch!


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