Two Point Someone – Part IV

Chapter 4:
My new found crush for this girl lost its interest gradually. The reasons which I could figure out were,

  • I didn’t know what to talk to her when I met her;
  • She got busy in her project works;
  • My friends were pestering whether I loved her and I just could not find the right answer to it;
  • She was not interested in love marriage and preferred arranged marriage;
  • I too got work as time passed;
  • Last but not the least, a new girl arrived in my project and my mind said ‘This is your girl; why search elsewhere when you have it in hand’.

It so happened that my team planned for a trip to Kodaikannal. Viola! A great chance! I tried to speak to her, but language was a great problem. While I am so fluent in my mother tongue ‘Tamil’, she never knew it. How good can one try to talk to a girl and get her attention by talking in English! Atleast if you got the looks, you have half a chance! With no good looks, no chance. But  that didn’t stop my enthusiasm!


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