Two Point Someone – Part III

Chapter 3:
It was during the training in Siruseri, that I came across a girl who caught my attention. “She was not beautiful; but to me she was perfect“. She was my batch mate. Initially she paid no attention, and as always I pretended not. One hot afternoon, we were asked to assemble in a common room. We were to have a extra-curricular session (I don’t exactly remember the name that they gave to the session). One was asked to enact something and the others had to figure out what he was doing. This was child’s play for me and my friends. I acted and they got it in their very first guess. She must have been impressed with the performance, for she came and congratulated me. There was that unmistakable smile in her lips. Something that showed interest. I was in cloud nine.
After that first meeting, we used to send SMS and call each other. She was new to Chennai, and who can guide her around Chennai, than me. Late night phone calls, frequent SMS and such I got busy. Soms had developed interest in  another girl, but very soon found that she alrady had a boy friend. But she accepted him as his brother by sending him a ‘Raakhi’ on Raksha Bandhan.
As already told of, I was alloted to a project in Navallur and she was moved to Perungudi. We continued our chats through phone.
Soms found his first true love in a girl in his project. She was the girl of his dreams. She was two years younger to him. Soms had organised a tour to Munnar and there the love grew. She saw him smoking and she loved the ‘Rowdy’ in Soms. She wanted him to leave smoking. Soms was taken by this new found interest of a girl in his well being. We had never seen Soms messaging anyone or calling other than to his home, but for a week he was always on his cell. When enquired he just said that he was talking to his sister. We beleived him, as we know Soms was not that kind of person to talk to new girls. But as always an element of doubt lingered. One night, when lying next to me, Soms told us that he loved that girl. We were surprised. When asked if he had spoken to her about it, he said, it was two sided now. Too fast! And now Soms doesn’t listen to his Rock Gods, but to ‘Kannan varum vellai’ from ‘Deepavali’. He imagines himself as the Jeyam Ravi. When we ask him about his love, he just smiles. That has a lot of answers. He doesn’t know why he likes her or what attracted him. Love is blind, comes his reply. True, that is why they call it ‘Falling in love’.


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