Two Point Someone – Part I

The places and figures presented in this story are real. The story is out of imagination and is fictitious based on real events.

I am Rajesh. I am going to narrate a few years of my life. It is spun around three characters, Rajesh (me), Soms and Sri. Both my friends from my college.  It is altogether a different story how we became friends, but that we are now. This story starts from the 3rd year of our college life.

Chapter 1:
It was the peak of summer in Chennai in the year 2005. I, Soms and Sri were all seated in out hostel rooms in MIT(Not Massacheuts but Madras Institute of Technology, Anna University). We were cursing the sun for having out sweat out the day preparing for our placements. With 3 years of college life already wasted in culturals and chats, we were trying to cope up with the studies which we had missed the previous years. Though we had battled out in 12th standard to get into Anna University, studying was not for us. We desperately needed to attend the campus interview, as none of us three had any aspirations on GATE or GRE. We never has the pressure on us though. On May 27, 2005, in the afternoon, after our lunch in the mess, Sri was solving out Aps from R.K.Agarwal and puzzles from Shakuntala Devi. Soms as usual was sleeping hearing to his Rock Gods AC-DC, Metallica playing. I was seated in the bed wondering whether to join Sri or Soms.
Our placement representatives had gone for a discussion with the Placement Cell. In the evening they came and informed us the slot of companies. It turned out that placement started from May 29 and went through June 15, with a company turning up everyday. The first on the list was Cognizant, followed by Tata, Infosys and Wipro, the top recruiters. 3/4 th of the 3rd year students were aspiring to get into one of these four companies.
With just 2 days to go, we were bound shopping that evening, getting the needed business formals, tie and stuff. That night, we had resources pouring out from everywhere. Everyone was busy. Sri was busy brushing us C, I and Soms immersed in Puzzles wondering what in the world does one get in solving puzzles that the companies wanted to get it. The next day meant serious business with getting the long forgotten shoes polished, certificates and files in place. Also our class members had a secret meeting in our class sorting out the strategy for the next day.
May 29 dawned. It was the day when we attended our dream company, Cognizant. (It was a dream then, as our seniors here at Cognizant told us that it was headquartered in US, and offered many onsite offers to its employees). Written exams went fine. We had enough lime juice and water packets to get through the heat in the CEG campus. Results of the written exam were out and all three of us were selected in the 1100 selected that day. The next day was the interview. We just could get enough sleep that day with all the anxiety. After 10 minutes of interview and waiting in the University auditorium for 3 hours, the results were out. 504 were selected and it was a dream come true for the three of us. We were selected and we can enjoy the rest of the college days. Thus we landed a offer from Cognizant, a dream conquered.


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