The cycle mania!

Recently I have been obsessed with getting a bicycle for myself. The reason behind this sudden attraction to the age old cycle is

  1. I don’t know to ride a geared two-wheeler.
  2. I am too lazy to walk.
  3. No extra cost of fuel.

So, I and Soms, embarked on a mission to get a bicycle last Sunday. We had a cycle shop very near to our house in Kellys, Chennai. The cycle rate has also increased over the years. When my dad got me my first cycle, a Hercules MTB, it cost around 1800/-. The same model was not available. There were a lot of models to choose from. We stayed away from the ‘geared’ ones (Not because of my gear-o-mania with bikes, but because it cost a ransom). We settled on two nice ones from Hero and Hercules, two good companies making cycles.

One thing about the two cycles that we didn’t like was their height. I or Soms could not get our feets on the ground firmly, if we sat on the seat. There came a small boy (should be studying 7th standard) with his father. He was stubborn on getting the cycles we had chosen. He could not even get his legs on the pedals! From the conversation between the shop keeper and the boy’s father, we could find out that the boy had been pestering his dad for a ‘gear cycle’ for a long time, and he wanted it to show off to his school friends.

At last, we settled for Hercules Windracer retailing at Rs. 2700/-. It came with two months FREE service. 🙂

By this, we have pledged that we save earth by

  1. not polluting the environment with smoke
  2. conserving fuel usage by not using
  3. making the earth greener.

So fellas, the take from this post is ‘Help save earth; as Rajesh and Soms’.


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