In the hot seat… in IPL, Chennai

One more post on IPL!

I was there in Stadium to watch the match live! Chennai Vs Mumbai. The match was slated to start at 8 pm IST. I and my friends, we were all in at 6 pm itself. The crowd was swinging to Hariharan’s songs. He ended with his ‘Krishna nee…’ from Colonial Cousins album. Then came the ambassador for Chennai Super Kings, Actor Vijay. He was received with a standing ovation.

Then there was a half an hour show of drumming. Who else can drum than ‘Sivamani’. He was rocking. We danced to his tunes! It was a nice show. After this the match started. Hayden and Raina slammed the balls for fours and sixes. It was raining scores in Chennai. For each four and between overs, Sivamani had his drums on and had the cheer leaders dancing. It was great to watch the match live among the crowd. The crowds started the Mexican wave as usual, cheering the players.

Nayanthara was missing as usual. Very close as Mumbai finished 6 runs short of the target. Altogether it was a nice experience


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