What's it about IPL?

IPL. If you are in India, you should have recognized this word by now. Everyone speaks about it. It has been the headlines for a week now. What is so special about IPL? Let me try to figure it out.

  • In IPL, the players are not playing for the country. So there is no must-win situtation.
  • Cricket is being seen as a game, entertainment sport rather than as a war between the teams.
  • It is the shortest version of the game. Must similar to street cricket to which each and every kid in India can associate to.
  • It provides a place where you can see Ponting (Australia) providing tips to Ishant (India) on how to bowl.
  • It crosses all boundaries and lifts the spirit of the game.
  • It has also brought Sharukh, Preity, Karan and all into the game to add value.
  • It has provided BCCI, the stadiums, the local cricket board, ad-sponsers with more revenue.

What more can one ask for a complete entertainment. Enjoy watching cricket! Enjoy the stars!


3 thoughts on “What's it about IPL?

  1. Hi,

    That is a good write up on IPL, the latest revolution.

    Which team do you support?

    You may have to say something interesting about IPL, so express yourself at I luv IPL (www.iluvipl.com)


  2. Thanks Sumit,
    Actually I support Kolkatta for Dada and Chennai coz its my home team. I expect these two teams to meet in the finals.

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