A 2008 love? story!

Once there was a guy, enjoying life, doing whatever he wanted to. He was most interested in computers and wanted to make a challenging career in the field of computers. He was doing his 11th class then. If there is a guy, then there should be a girl. That is what all kollywood movies have taught us. And it happened that this girl was living in the house opposite the guy’s. She was studying 8th class.

As always the guy had not known about here existence till then! What is interesting if the guy and the girl don’t meet! So be it. Days passed and the guy now in first year of his college and the girl in 11th class decide to join a computer course. Also the girl’s sister (in her 5th class joins the class). It happens that the guy talks to the younger sister and by some way after a long … long… time, the guy speaks with the girl. They remain so as friends.

One fine day, the girl calls the guy over phone (not a cellphone), says that she is in love with the guy. The guy (hey! he is an aspiring lad), rejects the offer advising the girl that this is not the age to fall in love or to make a decision about life. Then the time cycle spins rapidly (imagine a bullock cart wheel spinning faster in MGR movies).

After 7 years, now the guy is a software engineer in a good company. He had long forgotten about the girl and the proposal. One day in a friend’s marriage function, the guy and the girl meet. The girl then meets the guy in person and expresses her love for the guy had remained intact. The guy is stunned. He is in a dilemma now! Whether to accept or reject the girl’s hand in marriage! Whether he loves the girl or not!

What can be the ending to this story! (Can you get some realistic ending rather than a cinematic ending! )


6 thoughts on “A 2008 love? story!

  1. I think the girl loves you truly. Unaku vella ellatha pothum antha ponnu love panni eruku adn vella erukura pothum love pannuthu……

    but antha ponnu love pannuran tu nee love panna mudiathu….
    unaku pudichiruntha accept pannu.. ella free vidu………….

  2. I lost my temper when I read ”the guy is a software engineer in a good company”. Please choose the words carefully before writing. Your words may hurt thousands of hearts as it torn my heart.

  3. The ending of the story should be the guy(if its not you)
    should accept the girls love bcs only love in young minds will be pure bcs it doesnot expect anything(like money,job,habits,family background etc).

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