Our haunted house!

It was on Dec 15 of 2006, when we moved to a new house near the beach in Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai. The house was a two bedroom flat, just enough for a comfortable stay of 5 persons. We were five and the rent was just Rs. 3800/-. It was cheap in that area. But we didn’t have any doubt as it was affordable for us.

Everything was fine about the house. We got settled there. The beach was just two minutes walk from our house. We used to spend our free time, lazing, talking and playing there. We used to leave the house door open all night as most of my room mates working in IT companies reach home late at night. Even we used to walk out alone at nights. It was fine until one of our friends ‘Soms’ joined us. He came into the house on Jan 4 of 2007. Just before coming to the house, in the shifting, he experienced a bike accident.

Everything was fine till one night, as usual I was late from office. I reached home in cab at about 2:30 am. Everyone was asleep. There were some workers doing road repairing work outside our apartments. I came and settled near Sri in our bed room. I feel asleep soon. It should have been about 3-4 am in the morning. I heard a deep voice coming from near our room. I woke up startled and found Sri too listening to the sound. I or Sri didnt have the courage to open the door to the hall. The sound was terrifying. The sound of someone in deep pain, sounding as if someone is shouting in the fear of death. I was trembling inside. Then someone switched on the light of the reception hall.

I and Sri went to see what was making the sound. The sound had ceased by then. There were Darani, Soms and our roommates brother (He had just come that night to stay). It was Soms who had made that sound. Still he was not in his senses. He was just shouting ‘Paambu… Pammbu (Snake… Snake…)’. We searched the entire room and found no snakes. After we gave him a glass of water, he told that he got a dream in which a snake was crawling over his neck and and so he started running around shouting. Our roommate told that he saw Soms running the entire length and breadth of the room shouting in the dark. He had toppled the shoe rack and was running in rounds around the room when we woke up.

I didn’t get a wink of sleep the remaining part of the night. All our neighbours had heard him screaming and they had imagined that we were trying to kill a person. They even gave some weird suggestions for Soms. After this incident, we were extra bit careful about the house. Everyone though we knew it was just a dream could not come out of the shock.

After about a week, Siva was lying in the same place. He could see a white form in the dark. He also added that he tried to getup and he could not. This was our clue. I and Soms decided that we should not be in the house and we shifted to our new house in Kellys. From then on, when someone says something about ghost, I feel a sense of chill run down my veins.


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