My tryst with Digit!

This post is dedicated to the magazine Digit, without which I would surely not developed interests in computers.

Way back in the year 2000, when the magazine was called CHIP, I got to have a look at the magazine in my friend Naseen’s house. He wanted me to read the book. That is where it all started. Love at first sight!


Then I didn’t understand ROM, RAM, sound card, PCI slots, ISA and all these technical jargons. It was CHIP that enlightened me on all these. It increased my interest in computers. It was due to this interests that I started to learn computer hardware and troubleshooting. The articles in the magazine was so nice and easy to understand by a newbie. Also they gave away 2 CD’s (remember then DVD media was not available for computer users and DVD-Writers were a royalty. Even CD Writers burnt at a mere 8x max. The CD’s were titled ‘Mindware’ and ‘Playware’. One dedicated to software and other to entertainment.

I got a second hand P-II (266Mhz) Slot based processor system, running on 256 MB of SDRAM, 8 GB of HDD space, a creative sound blaster card (ISA) and no graphics card in 2001. Then I used to try out all softwares and games (that didn’t require a graphics card) provided in the CD’s in my machine. I was not a subscriber to then. I used to get the magazine out of newspaper stand and my mom used to provide the money. It was Rs.100/- for an issue and special isssues would be sold at Rs.125/-. Now the cost of an issue is Rs.125/-. But a hundred for a month in itself is huge money to spend for a 11th grade guy. My mom gave me the liberty to afford to CHIP and sometimes to DeveloperIQ, PCQuest.

Digit First issue

The best part of CHIP was that it was interesting to read. They had reviews on the latest product on market. In the reviews they also explained how things work. Say a review on Sound card will have a box saying how they worked. These things surely boosted my understanding of the various hardware devices. With internet and bandwidth a nightmare and an hour’s browsing at a net cafe costing Rs.50/-, it was easier to read about all these updates in CHIP. Marco D Souza, Karan etc. are some names I still remember from the CHIP Team.

In June 2001, after their third anniversary, CHIP was renamed as Digit. The reason they provided was to break free out of the collaboration with Chip and to cater to a varied technology readers. From then on, the journey of Digit has been smooth. I still enjoy reading the magazine. I subscribed to Digit in 2007, when I joined Cognizant, since I didn’t want to miss out an issue amidst all the work I do.

And the best of all digit i like

The changes that I notice between CHIP and Digit are

  • The pages have reduced. From 200 to 150.
  • A lot of content on how things work have stopped

They still have Agent 001, Diary, DroolMaal and stuff. The Fast Track series is excellent. A good book to start out your journey into the world of computers…. Digit! Atleast it was for me.


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