Valentine’s Day

One should experience and feel the feeling of being single on a Valentine’s day. This year again, I am still single. I have not met my soul mate yet. When the whole lot of your friends are sending you valentine day wishes, you see them going out with their beloved, enjoying the day, exchanging wishes, somewhere something is missing.

I  went to office as usual. I wore ‘White & Pink’ combination (A color that signified nothing on St. Valentine’s day). By the end of the day, I was in tiruvanmiyur to meet my friends. And with sleep the day ended. Nothing eventful happened.

What is that something missing? Why have I not met HER or have I met her and I missed noticing HER? Don’t I want to fall in love? Cupid has once again let me down.

Waiting for these unanswered questions to be answered….


2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Silatuku athu poo mari.. viluntha otta vaika mudiyathu.. silaruku athu chedi mari.. oru poo ilana innoru poo… Nan rendam ragam….

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