Cogito, Ergo Sum!

Cogito, ergo sum – translated to English means ‘I  think, therefore I am’. This phrase is popularly connected to Descartes who used it in one of his works.

I came across this phrase when I was reading through a book ‘Code Name God’ by Mani Bhaumik. It was an inspiring read. It changed the very way I look at life.

The book centers around finding a parallel between Science and Religion. Authored by Mani, who is a scientist and a spiritual person, it clearly reflects his thought. He also describes about his road to success in the book. He was born in a very poor family in Bengal hearing to inspiring and spiritual lectures of Gandhi. He became one of the millionaires in United States with the help of his scientific pursuit by inventing laser used in medical sciences such as LASIK.

According to him, all that is in the World is ‘Energy’. All activity, process, things are all different manifestation of the same energy which we call by a different name. This is what his quantum research shows.

In the Hindu philosophy, we the people, cattle and all things are seen as different manifestations of ‘God’ himself.

Some words that inspired me are those lines in which he says about how he became a millionaire.

“I had an advantage over all others in the real estate investments. I was daring to take risks because I had nothing to           lose for initially I had nothing”

And one more, the title of this post, ‘I think, therefore I am’.


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