Creation Or Evolution

Here is a nice topic to deal with… Life came by creation or by evolution…

This is indeed a question that has been on for a long time with no clear answer… I am not going to provide an answer…but this is what i got by discussing with my team mate Sudar.
My point is the world was created as a whole, with the ant, monkeys, human as it is today.

Points that lead me to believe so..

1. The complex nature of the entire system.

2. How could some 24 or 25 elements needed to create a living cell come to existence all of a sudden at one instance.

3. Why is that we have not evolved further.

4. Classical: Missing links.

5. If it is survival of the fittest as said by Darwin, we don’t see people and animal striving for survival evolve, instead they become extinct. (take the case of kiwi bird).

Any different opinions on that is welcome…


4 thoughts on “Creation Or Evolution

  1. Life though came into existence by creation should have necessarily been followed by evolution .Human today have evolved physically, culturally, socially from thier ancestors who lived centuries ago.We are changing our lifestyles to suit ourselves to the changing world which is also a form of evolution.So as long as the world changes evolution never stops..

  2. you havent understanded evolution correctly.. read “The blind Watchmaker” by Richard Dawkins.. you have all explanation for your doubts.

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