Let there be Code!

Hello World!!!

This is the first program that I wrote in my C class in my 11th class. There began my obsession with code. But I was not new to computers then!

My friend Maarshal introduced me to computers. We joined APTECH Vidya course in the 10th standard summer vacations. I was totally new to computers. The class was on using MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel. My friend seemed to know more on these. I did not quite like Word and Excel, the tools that I use in office everyday now.

I was attracted to PowerPoint. The cute animations and clip gallery added to the fascination. Even Office Assistant (F1) used to amaze me a lot. On the other han, Word has nothing to offer me except Mail Merge and Excel was just a collection of tables. (These are my means to earn now.)

In my 11th class, we had a subject on C and in 12th we had Java. That is where it all began… From then on till now am into computers and coding.

Let there be code!


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